How Do You Create Shortcuts on Facebook?

How Do You Create Shortcuts on Facebook?

Creating shortcuts on Facebook is a great way to quickly access specific sections of the social network. It helps you stay organized and easily find the things you need, rather than having to go through all of the different options.

However, there are times when you don’t need a shortcut. Sometimes, you just want to use the Facebook app as it was meant to be used. Fortunately, you can remove Facebook’s shortcut bar and prevent it from showing up in the first place, TechCrunch reported Monday.

You can delete individual items from the shortcuts bar in Facebook’s iOS app by editing them. You can also hide them or forbid them from showing red notification dots.

To edit a shortcut, head to the Facebook mobile app and sign in with your account credentials. Then, hover over “Your Shortcuts.”

Next, you’ll see various options. You can add pages, groups or games to the shortcuts bar and show them or hide them based on how often you visit them.

Pin to top: This option makes the page or group appear on the top of your list. It also lets you choose whether to show a specific number of posts in the Shortcuts bar. It’s best to set the number of posts you want to display at the beginning so that your list stays organized.

Auto: This option makes the page or group visible on the shortcuts bar based on how often you’ve visited it. It’s a good choice if you visit it frequently but don’t want to waste time scrolling to see its posts.

Hide: You can hide a page or group from the Shortcuts bar by tapping the “Hide” button at the top of the screen. Then, select the item from the list to make it invisible in the navigation bar.

If you don’t need the feature, you can remove it from the shortcuts bar by navigating to Settings & Privacy – Settings – Shortcuts bar. From there, you can remove the items that you don’t use and enable those that you do.

The instructions for removing shortcuts in the Facebook app differ slightly between Android and iOS, but it’s easy enough to figure out what you need to do. The main difference is that Android places the shortcut bar with recognizable icons at the top of the screen, while iOS has it at the bottom.

When a shortcut is hidden, it won’t show up in the navigation bar or on the home screen. If you’d like to re-add it, you can do that by tapping the hamburger icon (three lines) at the top of the bar.

You can add shortcuts to the Facebook app on iPhone and Android by logging in with your account. Then, navigate to Settings & Privacy – Settings – Shortcuts bar and tap the drop-down menu next to each item.

If you’re using the Facebook desktop version of the app, you can also pin a group to your shortcut bar in the Facebook desktop. This is useful if you’d prefer to use the desktop version of the social network instead of the mobile app.

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