How to Create Identity Card in Word

How to Create Identity Card in Word

Whether it’s for school, company, organization or any other entity ID cards are a must have for everyone. It’s not just for safety, but it also helps to create a sense of identity among your staff members and visitors.

A well-designed, stylish identity card can help you build a professional image and improve your business’s reputation. Using a free ID card maker, you can easily create high-quality, custom employee and visitor ID cards in minutes.

With a wide range of templates and design tools, Fotor’s free online ID card maker makes it easy to quickly create professional-looking ID cards for your business, organization or school. You’ll find ID card designs that work for different categories, from employee IDs to membership IDs, and you can even add QR codes or barcodes to make your business more visible!

Editing is made simple with MS Word

A free Microsoft Word editing tool allows you to make changes to your ID card template with ease. You can use it to change the background, fonts, colors, and text of your template and get a beautiful finished product. You can download this template and save it to your computer or you can open it with a web browser and print it.

Signing is fast with pdfFiller

A PDF signature generator lets you ESign your document to make it easier for people to verify it and sign it electronically. Unlike traditional signatures, it’s faster and more secure and can be accessed from any device or cloud storage. Once your document is ready, ESign it by clicking anywhere on the template and typing your signature or uploading your handwritten signature’s picture.

Choose a template from our library and customize it to meet your business needs. You’ll love the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface and the dozens of professionally designed templates you can use to get started.

Adding a Profile Photo

A high-quality profile photo is one of the most important aspects of an ID card. It should be large enough to show the face of the ID bearer, and it should highlight the features of the person in the photo.

You can place the photo on the front or on the back of the card, as long as it’s appropriate for your brand and the purpose of the ID. You can use an existing photo or take one with your camera and upload it to our ID card maker.

The photo should be in good lighting to showcase the person’s face clearly, and it should be cropped so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the design. You can add a logo or your business’s name to the photo to make it more unique and memorable.

In addition, you can add a QR code or barcode to your ID to give people access to your website or other information. This is a great way to promote your brand, and you can easily place the code on the back of the card or the front.

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