How to Create New Profile on Switch

How to Create New Profile on Switch

A Nintendo Switch can have up to eight user profiles, and each can be linked to a Nintendo Account for online access. Each user profile can also have their own save data, friends list, and account settings.

A new user profile is easy to create on a Switch, and you can customize it with a cool nickname and profile icon. You can change the user profile’s icon anytime, and you can even add a Mii character to make it look more like your Nintendo ID.

First, you need to link a Nintendo account to your new user profile. Once you’ve linked your account, you can purchase games in the eShop from any Nintendo Switch user profile that is connected to that Nintendo account.

You can do this by selecting System Settings from the home screen of your Nintendo Switch, and then choosing Users. Selecting “Add User” will bring up a screen that will ask you to choose an icon and a nickname for your new profile.

The icon you select will be displayed when you play games on the console, and it will also show up on other accounts you may be using in your online community. You can choose from a variety of Nintendo characters and icons, as well as a background color to give your profile an individual feel.

Once you’ve chosen your icon and a nickname, you can link your Nintendo account to your new user profile. This will allow you to access free online features, including the friends list and the ability to purchase digital games.

If you’re playing with other people on a Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to create a user profile for each player. This ensures that each person can have their own save files and online features, and it makes it easier to manage your account and game library.

Creating a new user profile is also a good idea if you want to keep track of your gaming history and progress on a new game you’re trying out. This will help you to see where you’ve been in previous games, as well as which ones you might be missing out on.

You can also use your user profile to play with a friend on a new game you’re trying, as long as they have a Nintendo Switch and are linked to the same Nintendo Account as yours. This feature is especially useful if you’re trying out games together on a shared Switch, as it lets you see each other’s progress in real time.

Once you have a user profile, it’s possible to transfer it to another Nintendo Switch console as well. This will save you the trouble of having to create a new one if you ever get a different console or lose your old one.

In addition, you can set parental controls for each user profile to limit the amount of time kids spend playing games and restrict their access to specific apps or services on the Switch. You can also control what games they can and cannot purchase in the eShop, so you can make sure that your kids aren’t getting into games they shouldn’t be.

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